I absolutely love your books! I get so lost into your books that most people have to put together a search team to find me! The first book I've read was Crank and I couldn't put it down for the life of me, it's so amazing! And it's been the same, wonderful experience every time I read another book that you've written. :)

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Thanks so much. I’m writing for YOU, so very happy my books speak to you.

I've been thinking about writing more (I'm thinking short stories, maybe a novel), and I wanted your opinion as to whether it would be better to write these physically or on a computer. They are obviously very different methods of writing, and I wanted to know what you thought either way, or if it matters at all. :)

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I’d think writing a novel longhand would be quite a chore. Then you’d have to transpose it. You’ll have to put everything into a computer at some point anyway… you can’t submit a handwritten manuscript. Some people enjoy writing longhand, then moving it over. Experiment.

All your books are amazing but identical is just wow

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Thanks. Not sure about a sequel because I never plan them. Sometimes it feels right to do one. I haven’t been drawn to write one for IDENTICAL, but you never know.

This is a long shot trying to ask you about Rumble. I doubt that I will get a response. I'm from Eugene, OR and I'm just curious, as I've started reading Rumble it mentions Lane county and the Willamette valley along with UofO. Does Rumble take place in Eugene? If not, what city (if any) does it take place in?

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Cottage Grove, though there are Eugene references. I did live in Cottage Grove for a short time.

I hope you don't mind personal questions but from the epilogue in crank, glass, and fallout, I'm assuming that it's a personal story. So I guess I was curious if you're Mary Haskins? And what happens after Trey and Kristina reunite?

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Remember the books are fictionalized, so not everything in them is exactly the way things happened. So Kristina and Trey didn’t get back together (they did think about it, but it didn’t work out). But, yes, Marie is me (sort of). FALLOUT, BTW, is the least representative because I moved it into the future some. Hunter in real life is now 17, but he was 15 when I wrote it, so I aged him. The first two are about 60% fact, 40% fiction.

Hi it is such an honor to be in your virtual presence and i really enjoy every one of your books. The first book i read by you was burned and i had no personal experience with any of pattyns problems but you wrote so beautifully and i couldnt get enough of it and when you wrote smoke i couldn't contain my joy. I love your style of writing and have read all your books except for rumble which i jus bought haha. Anyways youre amazing and i hope you never stop writing me more novels. Love, hoku:)

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Many thanks, and no worries… lots of books to come!

***SPOILER ALERT*** hi ellen. when you get a chance, i was wondering if you could tell me whether or not cody dies at the end of tricks. i had some confusion about that. thank you :)

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You’ll find out in TRAFFICK, the book I’m writing now, which is the TRICKS sequel.

I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely adore your books, I haven't read all of them yet but I am working my way through. I've let many of my friends borrow the books of yours that I own and they love them so much. Thank you for writing such wonderful books.

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Thank YOU for reading and for sharing my books with your friends.